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Defining the Chinese Church

Underground, House, Unregistered – these are all words people use to define the Chinese church. The terms can be confusing and tend to blend together. They can also be misleading if you are not careful to define them so that …

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It’s Different Now

It is amazing what God has done since we started deputation. The journey has not always been an easy one but it is certainly one that has grown us in many ways. It is amazing that we tend to deal …

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    Why Do Asians Wear Surgical Masks?

    If you ever visit us in China, you will notice that many Chinese will have surgical masks on as they are outside. It is not something westerners are accustomed to seeing and everyone somewhat knows why but it is usually
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    Doctrine matters, but if you are like many, doctrine either scares you because you think it is too complicated or it bores you because you think it does not apply to your life. Doctrine has a very important place in …

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